Age-Defying Radiance

How does BaoCare’s Radiance work to soften and diminish the signs of ageing skin?

Well firstly, baobab oil all by itself is a multi-tasking virtuoso when it comes to caring for your skin. Baobab oil encourages new skin cell regeneration, deeply hydrates and moisturises your skin.  If you have any signs of redness or irritation, it’s excellent for soothing inflammation thus reducing redness. Apart from anything else, it’s a pleasurable experience to use this light yet luscious golden oil with its faintly nutty fragrance and smooth silky texture.

Secondly, we’ve boosted baobab’s already impressive properties by adding jojoba oil and pomegranate extract as well as a skin-rejuvenating fusion of essential oils to create Radiance; a rich, luxurious oil blend that gives your skin a satiny finish and naturally radiant glow.

How age-defying is that!

Available in 10ml droppers and 50ml amber glass bottles with spray nozzle. You will find BaoCare Radiance in all good health shops including Wellness Warehouse and online at Faithful-to-Nature.

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