Baobab oil for Eczema and dry, flaky, itchy skin

Oh the misery of itchy, irritated, inflamed skin!  A Baobab oil user tells us “I have suffered with Eczema since I was a baby. It often goes away and then reappears almost over night. I have “dry & wet Eczema” Dry being dry, flakey, white patches of skin that get itchy when the skin is irritated. The wet eczema I would get mostly on my hands. After scratching it viciously (because it is almost impossible not to scratch it) it would weep, causing the skin to be inflamed, very pink and sometimes even swell.

My skin has been assessed multiple times by different doctors. All doctors prescribing me almost the same treatment. I have just about tried everything on the market

My mother got the Baobab oil for me because she said she read up about it and wrote in about my skin condition. Whenever my skin is dry, itchy or a little flakey I apply the oil. I sometimes apply it up to 5 times a day. My last application is before bed so it soaks in through the night. The Baobab oil has definitely helped to reduce the redness and smooth out the dry skin. I have also given some to my sister to use on her face, for her very dry skin and we have both seen  an improvement!”   Bianca Chanel Ruegg, Cape Town


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