The Baobab is a tree of many talents

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The extraordinary baobab tree has some intriguing talents.

While the majestic and striking silhouette of this iconic tree has become well known and is recognised around the world, what is less known is its special skills of survival.  For one thing, it’s curiously resistant to dying.  Often described as a tree of exceptional resilience and vitality, it is the only tree species that can survive significant stripping of its bark from elephants and humans. It simply regrows a new layer of bark almost like a skin, in effect healing itself.

Another talent is its ability to withstand arid and inhospitable terrain. Because of its ability to store hundreds of litres of water, it’s able to thrive in harsh, almost desert-like conditions.  Finally, its longevity is legendary.  Certainly able to live up to 1000 years, there are even some reports of baobab trees living for up to 5000 years!

baobab oil

Small wonder then, that when baobab oil is cold-pressed from the little seeds inside the baobab fruit pod, it turns out to be excellent for skin regeneration and healing as well as deep moisturisation of very dry skin, properties that will bring out the natural glow and beauty of your skin helping it to look ageless, full of vitality and satiny smooth!

What the baobab tree does for itself, it can do for your skin. It’s really a very simple philosophy that we follow: when you work with Nature, Nature works for you.


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