Baobab Oil: A Travelling Girl’s Best Friend

BaoCare Baobab Oil

Here’s a fantastic testimonial from Touran Bristow:

“My favourite aspect of baobab oil is its versatility. I am a regular traveler and was constantly lugging around various cosmetics for my face, skin and hair. Discovering Baobab Oil revolutionised the contents of my sponge bag, as I can use Baobab Oil for all three! It works beautifully on my very dry skin as a moisturiser, as well as as a bath oil. My face and skin have never felt better!

Baobab Oil is also highly effective as a hair product. I use it as a deep moisturising mask by applying it and leaving it to work its magic for an hour before rinsing. It’s also great to apply just a touch to calm your hair on a frizzy day!

Baobab Oil really is a girl’s best friend, and packing has never been so easy!”


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