BaoCare: something new & beautiful is coming into the world!


We are beyond thrilled and excited to be launching BaoCare™ 5 Natural Skin Healing Solutions! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years in the making from the first glimmering ideas to the fruition of being in full production today.

We’ve always known that our certified organic, wild-harvested baobab oil is something special, with remarkable skin healing properties just on its own. It’s no secret that it’s highly sought after as an ingredient for many cosmetic houses.  So when we conceptualised the range, we always knew that baobab oil was going to be the hero ingredient.

But with BaoCare™, we’ve advanced baobab oil to a whole new level!  In the BaoCare™ range we’ve boosted baobab’s natural properties by adding expertly formulated essential oils and other nautral plant extracts to offer solutions for very dry skin,scarring and stretch marks,  eczema and psoriasis, problem skin and acne, skin nourishment, deep moisturisation and luminous glowing radiant skin!

Tissue Oil,  Acne Skin Care, Radiance, Eczema Skin Care & 100% pure Baobab Oil are our 5 new products – available in 2 sizes: Full Size 50ml and Travel/Mini Size 10ml.  Arriving soon  in Wellness Warehouse, Faithful-To-Nature and all good health shops country-wide.

#BeBaobabWise #BaoCareSkinCare

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