Be Radiant!

When your natural radiance shines out, it’s reflected in the sparkle in your eyes, the shimmer and glow of your skin, the genuine joy in your smile.

With stress and aging, our natural radiance can sometimes need a little help!  We made BaoCare Radiance to give your skin a secret radiance boost. Because it’s pure, preservative-free with no harmful, artificial ingredients, your skin receives only natural botanical oils that feed and nourish your skin at a cellular level.  

Each botanical ingredient has been carefully researched and chosen to deliver proven skin-enhancing results. Our most treasured hero ingredient is baobab oil – rich, nutrifying and deeply hydrating.  You’ll notice how quickly it absorbs, leaving your skin with a glowing satiny finish.

Jojoba oil supports youthful elasticity, softening fine lines and wrinkles,  and Pomegranate extract protects against damage from UV light promoting collagen production which helps to keep your skin dewy and supple. 
















With its soft and delicate feminine fragrance made with 100% natural essential oils including rosewood and lavender,  this expertly formulated skin care has a silky feel and texture. Dry, stressed and aging skin will drink in this rich and luxurious blend of oils especially formulated to provide exceptional skincare.

We believe true beauty is about so much more than just what product you put on your skin.  The story of how it’s made and where it comes is just as important.


Our 100% pure, certified organic baobab oil comes from the heart of the Limpopo where these giant African trees grace the landscape with their majestic beauty.  The golden oil is cold-pressed from the seeds inside the baobab fruit pods.  Our supplier of baobab oil EcoProducts, employs Venda women – often the only income-earning heads of household – to harvest just 10% of the fallen baobab fruit, ensuring no trees are harmed in the process and the ecology of baobab trees is left undisturbed.

Local Venda people are employed in the factory where the baobab oil is processed.

RADIANCE is locally, sustainably produced, and made with a uniquely African botanical that isn’t found anywhere else. It makes ecological sense to find the solutions to our skin problems in our own country.

Nature is generous in sharing her gifts to us.

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