Dry winter skin – how baobab oil can help

When your skin becomes dry, the structure of your skin changes and becomes more vulnerable. Dermatologists call this vulnerability of dry skin an impaired barrier function.  This means water escapes more easily, dehydrating your skin, and soaps and solvents are better able to penetrate your skin and remove your natural skin oils.

Harsh winter weather with its cold and dry atmosphere also contributes by “pulling” water out of your skin.  Your skin gets drier and drier and its barrier gets weaker and weaker.

This is where Baobab oil, a 100% pure and natural plant based oil that is cold pressed to retain all its healing qualities, can be so helpful in relieving dry skin conditions.

“I bought a bottle of EcoProducts Baobab oil which I have been using  for about 10 days now.   It is great stuff!  I am mixing it with my  normal hand lotion which I use on my hands and face and it makes  a real difference.   I have tried a number of essential oils before but none of them have been quite so effective.  I am going to recommend it to everyone I think would be interested!” Sally, Johannesburg, June 2015

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