Healing acne naturally with BaoCare Acne Skincare


BaoCare’s mission is to provide natural plant-based healing solutions for skin problems which is why we’ve included Acne Skincare in our range.  Acne plagues teens and even adults and while diet and taking supplements plays an important role in managing acne, it’s just as important what products you use on your skin. We believe the science of nature holds answers to many of our skin health problems.

Baobab oil is our key ingredient. It’s clinically proven to have excellent skin hydration properties which help to reduce inflammation of spots and problem skin. Boosted by Tea Tree, Calendula and Evening Primrose, our expert formulator created a solution that is both anti-microbial and contains high levels of linoleic acid, well known to help balance sebum production.

How to Use

Apply twice daily to affected areas after cleansing. Avoid sensitive skin around the eyes.

Available in 10ml droppers and 50ml amber glass bottles with spray nozzle. You’ll find BaoCare Acne Skincare in all good health shops and pharmacies and you can also purchase it online here.

100% pure and natural Acne Skincare 

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