How baobab oil removed my unsightly pigmentation

Wilma Meyer’s Story: Cape Town

“At the end of November 2001, I underwent radiation treatment for a rare eye condition. Approximately 2 years later, I noticed dark patches of pigmentation forming. They were on my temples, cheekbones and most noticeably on my forehead. Everyone thought that it was just hormonal. Deep down, I knew that it was more than this . After visiting various GPs, pharmacies and beauty counters I visited a well-known dermatologist who gave the following diagnosis: the scarring was due to the radiation treatment that I had received but that not much could be done because the damage was quite deep.

Her prescribed medication consisted of creams – lots of them (cortisone based). For cleansing, it was Epizone E cream. Various other preparations were prescribed from time to time. This went on for another 2 years with no improvement.  At one stage, the dermatologist even suggested just using makeup powder to ‘hide’ the scars.  By this time I had accepted that this would be my look and embraced it as just how it would be.  At times I even forgot that they were there until a stranger would come up to me and suggest products for my face. I would try the product but if I didn’t see results, I wouldn’t buy it again.  I spent a LOT of money over time on various skin products – none of which helped significantly.

In July 2012,  my work brought me into contact with Baobab oil and I decided to try it. I bought my 1st 5ml and virtually used a drop each morning mixed with my sunblock. This was my daily routine which I continued for a while. Early in 2013, I purchased a 30ml bottle and started using the oil more frequently – now adding an evening treatment of just plain baobab oil.  I also started mixing it with my moisturizer. It was round about April 2013 that I noticed that my scars on my forehead and temples had just disappeared. I can’t say when that happened because in my mind they were still there. The scarring on my cheeks is considerably lighter as well.

I now scrutinize my face each time I look in the mirror in amazement because it is absolutely unbelievable how Baobab oil has transformed my skin!  I am so excited about Baobab oil and find myself telling everyone I know – and who know my story – about what it has done for me.

Baobab oil is a great find and is now something that I cannot do without!”


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