How To Grow A Baobab Tree

Our media company Freebees is busy right now sending out samples of BaoCare’s 100% baobab oil to all the magazine editors and bloggers out there.  We always like to add in that little bit extra, so along with the sample, we’re also sending a gift of a BaoBag and a few baobab seeds. We’ve partnered with Tsonga Textiles, based in the Northern Limpopo, who have designed and printed  this unique decor item, ideal for holding a pot to grow your baobab seedlings, but also useful as an attractive container for  stationery, cosmetics and even just odds and ends that have no where else to go. 

If you want to learn how to grow a baobab tree from seed, watch the video below.

Our good friend and baobab enthusiast Heike Pander has made this wonderful little video demonstrating how to grow a baobab tree from a baobab seed! Watch it here:

#BeBaobabWise #100%Baobab #WisdomofBaobab

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