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Baobab oil

  • I love this product as a great all-rounder. Just like all the other oils in the BaoCare range, at first it feels oily but then it penetrates the skin easily after a while. I've used it for tick bites, inflammation and just general skin care. It''s amazing! I would defiantly say this is the must-have product of the range.
    Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Baobab oil has made a remarkable difference: my skin is much softer and flexible and the sun spots on my arms are fading away.
    Kori | Levuba, South Africa

Tissue oil

  • The BaoCare Tissue Oil is soothing and richly moisturizing. I use it every morning and evening and have noticed how easily it absorbs into my skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and happy. I really like the gentle scents of rosemary and lavender that have been added, they make me feel calm and clear. I look forward to trying the other oils in the range.
    Tessa Rayner | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I rubbed baobab oil onto my stretch marks every day for a few weeks and the marks have faded away.
    Lynette | Buysdorp, South Africa


  • The Radiance oil has become my go-to night treatment - no other cream makes my skin feel so hydrated in our dry highveld climate.
    Corinne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • BaoCare Radiance is a great product! I find it moisturizing and very beneficial for my skin.
    D Mayne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I have been loving using BaoCare Radiance oil on my face! And I've been receiving lots of compliments on my skin. So much so that I went and bought a number of bottles for guests who were asking what I was using! Thank you so much for a great product.
    Barbara | Louie Trichardt, South Africa
  • I love the BaoCare Radiance! I am usually hesitant of facial oils in general because I can have oily patches, but since using BaoCare Radiance, my skin feels smoother and much less dry. I've incorporated it into my evening routine and instead of waking up feeling icky and like I have to wash my face all over again, I wake up ready to go with no need to fuss over other facial products. Will be sending everyone I know to try out BaoCare products. Thanks so much! Kelsey, Gauteng
    Kelsey | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Wonderful Radiance facial Oil! I saw and felt the difference from the first application. It is nourishing but not greasy and quickly absorbed. Plus a little goes a long way.
    Carol Went | Johannesburg, South Africa

Acne Skincare

  • Hi Baocare! I recently received the gift of a 50ml & travel size 10ml Baocare Acne Skincare which I won in a giveaway. And I can say it really works. Have gotten a few red sore pimples that have almost cleared and redness gone within a day of using this! Love it! Thank you. I highly recommend this product.
    Eve | Durban, South Africa
  • My daughter suffered from acne and we tried everything from antibiotics to Reacutan cream and it was BaoCare Acne oil that eventually sorted her skin out. She now has beautiful clear skin.
    Kathryn Straughan | Louis Trichardt, South Africa
  • I am 13 years old and have been using BaoCare Acne Skincare for six months. Before I started using the product I regularly got pimples. I rub a few drops onto my face, around my cheeks and forehead, every day and I have found that it has kept my face clear of pimples. I also love the texture and fragrance of the product. My mum has just bought me another bottle and I will certainly continue to use it.
    Hannah (13 years old) | , Germany
  • I love the new addition of the tea tree oil in the Acne Skincare Baobab oil. My skin recovers quickly from breakouts and always feels so nicely moisturised! Best thing I’ve found for clearing my skin.
    Erin Straughan | Cape Town, South Africa
  • So good for that morning when you wake up to find find your skin has decided to break out. With this oil I really felt it helped so much with inflammation and the redness it went away within a few hours after applying.
    Danielle Rathbone | Johannesburg, South Africa

Eczema Skincare

  • We've been using the Baocare Eczema oil on my 11-year-old son for a month now and he loves it. We put it on every night before bed and he feels it softens and heals the dry skin on his shoulders and arms. The spray nozzle makes it easy for him to put on himself. I have noticed a definite difference in his skin and will keep on using it. I haven't tried it on severe eczema as his is mild.
    Corinne | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • I am 19 years old and have eczema on my hand and I sometimes get it on places on my face. I had a patch on my cheek at one point that was quite inflamed and wasn't healing. I usually use a certain cream that relieves the itchiness or stinging of my eczema, but it wasn't helping the patch I had on my cheek. A friend recommended I try BaoCare Eczema Skin Care, and after about a week and a half the patch of eczema had completely disappeared! It is a gentle skin care product containing baobab oil that is lovely to use even as a moisturizer, and it has an amazing scent. I highly recommend it, especially for those who have eczema.
    Ella Greig | Cape Town, South Africa
  • "Baobab oil has definitely reduced the redness and dry itchy flakiness of my skin."
    Bianca Chael Ruegg | Cape Town, South Africa