Phenyo’s skin-healing journey


Phenyo Victory Kgongwana (aka MissPVK)  didn’t always have such great looking skin.  Back in 2012 she went to France and due to the high dairy fat content diet she experienced over her 26 month stay there, she started to develop serious acne.  She would get pimples that would go very dark and leave scars, turning into pigmentation blemishes.

She returned to South Africa at the end of 2014 with very unhappy skin. It was dehydrated and tight-looking and her acne persisted despite using various over-the-counter treatments and cosmetics.  In desperation, Phenyo started using prescribed medications; antibiotics such as Purbac and Roaccutane.  This worked, on and off, clearing her skin of acne irritation but the cost was high – both emotionally and financially. Being compelled to take contraceptives alongside the strong and harmful medication came other serious side-effects such as depression as well as severely dry skin.  As a result, Phenyo developed eczema – on the delicate skin of her eyelids, behind her ears down to her jawline and patches on her arms.

“It looked like greyscale!” she said, referring to a skin-disease that features in Game Of Thrones.

She stopped all medication in October 2017 and instead tried out a variety of different creams and ointments to control and manage her skin condition post the intensive skincare medication. But that’s all she was doing: managing the problem.  This was not the healing she was looking for.

In March 2018, whilst shopping in Wellness Warehouse (she’s also an ambassador for Wellness Warehouse by the way) she came across a 10ml bottle of baobab oil which she decided to try as it promised to deeply hydrate and moisturise her skin.  Phenyo was thrilled with the results.  Finally a natural product with no side-effects that truly nourished and hydrated her skin leaving it plump, soft and moisturised.

She went back for the 50ml bottle of BaoCare’s 100% pure baobab oil and the rest is history.  After using it for a few weeks, Phenyo began to notice her blemishes diminishing and the acne scarring starting to fade. She finally experienced a balanced radiant skin without the paying a high price! Phenyo was so happy using the BaoCare range she decided she wanted to partner with us. We sent her a promo pack and here’s her video telling her story.  Phenyo has such great energy – she bubbles over with vivacious enthusiasm! Watch her video to access the discount coupon you can use to purchase BaoCare online.

Phenyo has had fantastic results using BaoCare on her hair (see our blog on this) and is planning more videos exploring the benefits of BaoCare SkinCare – healing skin naturally.  Watch this space!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the video & congratulations to your new operations – your BaoBag looks beautiful & I’d love to get one in Germany – including the seeds to grow baobabs of course. What a lovely idea!

  2. Thank you Heike. I’ll try to remember to bring you one in February 😊

  3. Oh thanks so much – that would be great 🙂

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