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The Super-Versatile Buff

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The Super-Versatile Buff
It’s a snug neckerchief, a snood, a head band, a hair band and even a
boob-tube!  We created this super-versatile buff with it’s pretty patterned
design based on the Baobab leaf as a complement to our BaoCare range of skin
healing products. Lightweight, compact, it can go anywhere fitting easily
into your handbag, tog bag and even your pocket.

BaoCare has partnered with Tsonga Textiles (based in the Northern Limpopo) who have designed and hand-printed these original patterned buffs, hand-made by local people. Why not pop it into the BaoCare Radiance Makeup Bag with room to spare for other necessities, creating a useful yet unique gift for someone special.

Can't do without it!

Can't do without it! It's my multi-tasking everything when I'm hiking.  My favourite way to use it is as a hair scrunchie when I’m walking but then as a hair band when I wear my hair loose but want to keep it off my face.

Cierewyn | Cape Town |

BaoCare Buff - I love it!

I love the softness of the fabric when I use it to keep my neck warm, yet also the secure stretch when I use it as a hair band while cleaning my face.

Andrea | Cape Town |

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BaoCare™ has partnered with Tsonga Textiles, based in the Northern Limpopo, who have printed and designed a unique buff using traditional methods of flatbed and panel screen printing. The buffs are hand-made by local people as a special gift to complement BaoCareTissue Oil.

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