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We know BaoCare Radiance has all the ingredients to make your skin radiant, but it’s wonderful to hear what women who use it on a daily basis have to say about it:

“BAOCARE RADIANCE with Jojoba and Pomegranate is honestly the best product I have ever come across for my skin. I LOVE it!!! I use it lavishly every night and morning and my skin feels radiant. It is a light oil and penetrates easily and my skin feels deliciously nourished. If I ever get a spot (this still happens at age 46), I put extra oil on the area and within a day the spot is gone – really miraculous. I have given BaoCare oil to my daughters, my sisters, my niece and many friends as you really cannot find a product better suited to all skin types. BaoCare is organic, natural and pure and smells wonderful and if you are looking for something special to use on your skin, this is it!”

Kathryn Straughan | Louis Trichardt, South Africa

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Available in 50ml glass spray bottles and 10ml travel/trial size glass dropper bottles.


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