The BaoCare Promise: 5 Skin Healing Solutions

Through the combination of pure, quality ingredients and expert formulations, we’ve created a skincare range which harnesses the healing properties of nature.

The BaoCare Promise

All BaoCare products are free from synthetic chemical ingredients, parabens and mineral oils. Each skincare solution has been meticulously formulated with ingredients best known to be helpful for each specific skin condition.
We’ve selected Calendula and Schizandra for soothing and calming stressed, hyper-reactive skin associated with eczema. Jojoba and Pomegranate extract for soft, dewy beautiful 40+ skin. Tea Tree and Evening Primrose oils were chosen for their Omega 6 and anti-microbial properties found to be helpful balancing oily skin. Our tissue oil has been specially formulated with natural vitamin E oil and beautifully fragranced for everyday use.

We developed a soft delicate fragrance with 100% pure essential oils mixed in careful ratios. Baobab oil resonates particularly well with Lavender which gives an overall herbaceous floral fragrance, with Rosemary adding a minty slightly woody freshness. Myrrh is considered to be warming, rich and resinous with Benzoin lending sweetness.

These essential oils are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties on a physical level. From an aromatherapy perspective, they are also well known for having a soothing, calming effect on the nervous system on a mental and emotional level.

100% pure Baobab Oil , Tissue Oil, Eczema Skin Care, Radiance & Acne Skin Care 

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