Tissue Oil

Deeply nourishing moisturisation

Tissue Oil

Deeply nourishing moisturisation

BaoCare Tissue Oil is for those times when your skin is dry, dry, dry and is thirsting for extra attention and care. It’s also helpful for scarring and stretch marks. It’s a skin balm that penetrates deeply to feed your skin yet absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue. Think of Tissue Oil as the perfect partner for your skin – always there when you need it, always caring and helpful, always nourishing.

We Made Tissue Oil especially for you…

…because we know you need a go-to skin moisturising solution that works brilliantly every time. At the same time, you want to pamper and take care of your skin using only 100% natural, pure ingredients.

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Tissue oil

We have researched and sourced the best top quality botanical ingredients and we hand-blend every batch individually. Especially created for its deeply moisturising and hydrating properties, BaoCare’s Tissue oil is excellent for reducing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and stabilising skin metabolism.

We’ve enriched Baobab oil with Vitamin E and then added in Rosemary, Benzoin, Myrhh and Lavender essential oils. Together, these ingredients work in synergy, nourishing your skin, while at the same time creating a subtle botanical fragrance.

Baobab oil makes up 95% of the blend as we believe the true value of the product lies with this potent, multi-functional ingredient. BaoCare Tissue oil is an essential part of your skin-rescue kit.

Our BaoCare Promise means you can be sure there are no artificial ingredients, additives, colourants or fragrances in any of our products. Read more about the BaoCare Promise.

How To Use Tissue Oil

Massage into scarring, stretch marks and dry skin on your face and body after a shower and watch its magic work.
Perfectly safe for use during pregnancy and on babies, toddlers and on skin of any age.

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Why I love Tissue Oil

My skin takes a really long time to heal. I tried BaoCare Tissue oil on a really ugly wound I had on my arm. In just 9 days the scar improved dramatically. I really did not think it would heal so fast! Thank you!!

Louise Van Rooyen | Polokwane, South Africa

When it comes to burns, it's important to act quickly - even though they may look small they can be jolly painful - and they can easily result in scarring and you want to avoid that as much as possible.  So when I burned my arm taking a baking pan out of the oven I immediately applied BaoCare Tissue Oil several times a day for 4 weeks and today my burn would has completely disappeared without leaving a scar. See the story and before and after pics here

Sarah V | Makhado, South Africa

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