What really works on dry skin?

Rough, flaky, dry skin.  For thousands of years, women have made it their priority to use a vast variety of creams, unguents, emollients, lotions and ointments to combat dry skin problems with varying degrees of success.  Because of its incredible moisturizing ability, baobab oil has been found to be exceptionally helpful in relieving dry skin conditions. It’s one of nature’s best botanical oils as it’s a multi-tasking virtuoso just on its own:  not only is it rich in omega fatty acids,  it also absorbs wonderfully as it has excellent penetration qualities.

Absorbing facts about how oils penetrate dry skin

Why is a skin care product’s ability to penetrate the skin so important? We think of our skin as a barrier and until the beginning of the 20th century, it was thought that the skin was completely impermeable to substances being absorbed into the body. Of course we now know that our skin absorbs different substances in varying degrees and at different rates.   How well a product penetrates the skin depends, amongst other factors on the molecular size of the substance. The majority of cosmetic formulas often require specially developed “penetration enhancers” to deliver specific ingredients which of course adds to the load of ingredients in commercial moisturisers.  “Baobab oil on the other hand, has very small molecules and therefore is absorbed very easily into the skin,”  says Nena Pruzljanin, a technology development and innovation expert in cosmetics.

Why baobab oil for dry skin?

Because of its exceptional ability to moisturize the skin, baobab oil has become known as a remedy for dry skin conditions associated with dehydrated and aged skin but it’s also excellent for the dryness and flaky skin associated with eczema, dermatitis, dry psoriasis and dandruff.  In addition, it has been found that baobab oil is very helpful in reducing the appearance of scars and skin cancer spots.

Baobab oil  absorbs rapidly, is non-siccative (non-drying) and does not clog pores.  Most creams and lotions on the market today are water-based which means they also require synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, performance enhancers and fragrances to maintain stability and make them pleasant to use.  The wonderful thing about using botanical oils is that they rarely need any of these additives.

So often Nature herself offers the simplest of solutions to our complex problems.

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